Human rights and gender



Objective: Promote human rights, gender equality and the elimination of discrimination in 50 municipalities of Oaxaca.



Our ambition is to make it possible that in 50 municipalities of Oaxaca, girls and boys, young people and women, are integrated in processes of knowledge of their rights and organization to promote their full exercise and the improvement of their living conditions.


People living in poverty and exclusion can have greater control over their lives if they exercise their right to political participation, freedom of expression and association, and access to information and justice.



Strategy A:

To exercise leadership in the defense of the rights of children and youth in Oaxaca. 

Strategy B:

Promotion of women’s substantive political citizenship in Oaxaca for democracy and governance.

Strategy C:

Promotion of women’s economic citizenship in Oaxaca for their integral development.

Each of these Strategies is translated into an operative Project with specific actions measures and goals

Strategy A: Exercise leadership in the defense of the rights of girls, boys and youth in Oaxaca, translates operationally into the:  

“Rights of Girls, Boys and Youth” Project, whose main actions are:

  • Sensitization of municipal authorities of communities governed by Indigenous Normative Systems, NIS and educational authorities, about the importance of promoting spaces for the participation of girls, boys and young people.
  • Develop a model for citizen participation in the knowledge, monitoring and evaluation of institutional practices, public programs and budgets aimed at children and adolescents in Oaxaca, which is consolidated in the institutionalization of a Citizen Observatory.
  • Design a program for the prevention of child and adolescent trafficking in Oaxaca, consisting of a prevention campaign with the design and production of radio spots in 7 indigenous languages and Spanish and two animations that talk about the phenomenon and the risks involved.

Strategy B: Promotion of substantive political citizenship of women in Oaxaca for democracy and governance, which lands in the:

Project “Political Rights of Women “, whose main actions are:

  • Raising awareness among municipal authorities about the impacts of gender inequalities in the political sphere, women’s political rights and gender parity, including the application of existing laws.
  • Strengthen the institutional capacity of state political (SMO as head of the sector, SAI and State Congress) and electoral (IEEPCO, State Electoral Tribunal and INE) authorities to mitigate political violence and harassment against women.
  • Provide effective training in order to empower women who are or want to participate in political positions in their communities and to promote and strengthen the organizational capacity of those who participate in order to accompany them in their processes and empower them as advocates for their fellow women.

Strategy C: Promotion of the economic citizenship of women in Oaxaca to promote their integral development; strategy that has been operationally named: Project “Women for their Economic Rights”, whose main actions are:

  • Monitor the exercise of women’s economic rights in Municipalities of Indigenous Normative Systems (SIN).
  • Promote and strengthen labor and competitiveness policies in Oaxaca and the country.
  • Propose tools to the Municipalities to promote the co-responsibility of women, men and the government in social reproduction, including care.
  • Promote public policies to provide comprehensive support and social protection with a gender and rights-based approach to women involved in economic activities in the informal sector.