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September 21: International Day of Peace This is a good day to reflect on the importance of peace in the life of every inhabitant of our world, to consider a peaceful world based on social, economic and environmental development, where it is possible to guarantee the exercise and protection of human rights. It is true […]

Violence prevention

Violence Prevention   We promote a culture of peace in municipalities of the Sierra Norte in Oaxaca under the perspective of the right to a life free of violence; we develop awareness processes on the importance of healthy coexistence, which favors conflict resolution through the improvement of skills such as dialogue, mediation and assertive communication. […]

Public Policies

Public Policies Our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan describes a vision in which local communities and the voices of the girls, boys, youth and women with whom we work are the key to change. With them through dialogue, advocacy with governments and support for programs that promote human development, dignity and well-being, we will end discrimination, exclusion […]

Research and Communication

Research and Communication        Objetive Generate rights monitoring systems and processes that allow advocates to collaborate and share knowledge and influence collectively. Monitoring the Rights of Children and Adolescents Project. Program Objective: Develop and implement a model of citizen participation for the knowledge, monitoring and evaluation of situations of protection of the rights […]

Training and Leadership Development

Training and Leadership Development     Leadership training and capacity building program There is evidence to show that women who have control and take collective action become themselves some of the most important drivers of change to achieve a sustainable improvement in women’s rights. In this sense, we have carried out projects focused on generating […]

Our Leadership

Nuestro Liderazgo Espiral por la Vida, A. C. arose from the commitment of a group of professionals and academics to work for social development and the fulfillment of human rights in communities in Oaxaca..              

mission and vision

Mission   Our mission is to accompaniment and professional services  to indigenous girls, boys, youth and women in Oaxaca,  for the promotion, defense and full exercise of their rights.       Vision We envision a Oaxaca with more just and egalitarian communities ,that listen to the voices of girls, young women and women as fundamental […]


     Values guide us to achieve our vision In order to guide and orient the daily actions of our staff, , Espiral Por La Vida outlines the following institutional values: -Social commitment  to the human rights of all. -Professionalism, integrity y spirit of service. -Respect for all forms of life and sustainability for future […]

History and work experience

In the sixteen years of work of ESPIRAL por la VIDA, we have carried out activities in 150 educational centers and more than 120 communities in the eight regions of the State of Oaxaca, being a reference in the rights of children and youth in the State, both for government agencies and for the networks […]